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About us

The YIC of Lorient informs and supports young people in all areas that concern them : education, housing, international mobility, employment, leisure, health ...The organization is a member of the Eurodesk network.

The Youth Information Network

Questions about education, employment, training, housing, international mobility, daily life ? Anonymously and free of charge, the Youth Information Network structures inform and welcome young people and their families on all subjects that concern them. This network is the largest network of reception and information for young people in France, and consists of 1,500 structures spread over the entire national territory.

Info Jeunes Lorient (Youth Information Center) of Lorient

Established in 1985, Info Jeunes Lorient is a Youth Information Center (YIC) situated in the city centre of Lorient.
The YIC is a real tool available to youth, that in the framework of his global information mission, welcomes daily young people from 16 to 30 years old, with the aim to inform and support them in their research and projects.
A true place of welcome, information, contact, listening, meetings and exchanges with professionals who can help you with your questions, administrative tasks and projects.
Here you will find information on jobs, employment, training, everyday life, health, housing, leisure, holidays, international mobility. The team welcomes without and by appointment, anonymously and free of charge, in accordance with the European Youth Information Charter that we adopted.

The YIC is involved in several projects, (information workshops on the European Solidarity Corps ; the « Service Civique », Café Globe-trotters…) and events including summer jobs forum and the international mobility event « En route pour le monde ». It also has a large digital home showcase (website, social networks ...) to meet your demands.

The association has the ESC quality label (hosting, support) and coordinates local volunteering projects. It used to be known as European Voluntary Service (EVS). This program allows youth from 18 to 30 years old to engage in a non-profit European organization for a period between 2 and 12 months. More information in the section « European Solidarity Corps »


The staff of the Youth center is composed of 4 professional youth information workers who carry out all the activities of the association. Every year the team also includes : three young volunteers in civic service and one volunteer in European Solidarity Corps. Moreover, throughout the year, we welcome trainees on specific missions.

Some of our events

Forum Jobs d’été : Info Jeunes Lorient organizes every year this job fair to help those who wish to work during summer holidays : a direct contact with companies, an awareness of the job search (CV, cover letter and advice on these tools), advice on job interview, information on legislation, work for minors, transports, accommodation, jobs abroad and volunteering.

En Route Pour le Monde Festival : A 3 day-event dedicated to international mobility, organized by the City of Lorient in partnership with our Youth Information Center to inform young people about all the opportunities for mobility abroad : workshops, animations, conferences, international buffet, tips and advice for youth etc ... in different places of the city.

Café Globe-trotters : The Youth Service of the City of Lorient and the YIC organize throughout the year evenings on the theme of travelling. During these evenings young people share their experiences, tips and advice in a friendly atmosphere. Info Jeunes Lorient also organizes specific workshops to inform about the European Solidarity Corps.

European projects

ESC (European Corps of Solidarity)
The Youth Information Center of Lorient has been involved in the European Voluntary Service since 2013. It is now called the European Solidarity Corps. It is an action of the EU which allows young people from 18 to 30 years old to engage in another European country for a maximum of one year. It is a full-time mission on different topics : culture, animation, environment, education, sport ...
All financial costs are taken in charge : transport, food, accommodation, social security ... It costs nothing to the volunteer.
Info Jeunes Lorient is accredited for sending volunteers abroad, hosting ESC young people at the YIC and coordinating ESC projects, in other words Info Jeunes Lorient is in the position to apply for a grant from the European Union for the implementation of a project for send or hosting young volunteers.

More information about this program —>

Info Jeunes lorient as ESC sending organization
As only sending organization for the Morbihan’s department, our role is to inform and support youth wishing to take part in the European Solidarity Corps. The staff of the youth center welcomes young people to explain them what ESC is, provide useful documents with all the keys for finding a project and also organize regurarly information workshops on ESC.
Our role is to support the volunteers in their research,follow up the volunteers before, during and after their project : writing CVs and motivation letters in English, exploring the ESc project database , sending applications, etc.

Info Jeunes Lorient as hosting organization
Since July 2016, the Youth Information Center welcomes a foreign volunteer, whose main mission is to contribute to the development of youth information on international mobility and demonstrate the value of international experience.

What is it like to be a volunteer in Lorient ? Read all about it here !